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Becoming a Volunteer Caregiver

Becoming a volunteer caregiver requires each individual to complete 12 hours of training prior to supporting our clients and families. The training incorporates the knowledge of area pastors, grief counselors, hospice workers, caregivers who have utilized Tamarisk’s services and Tamarisk founder Gretchen Hanson. Below is an outline of the process involved in becoming a volunteer caregiver.

  1. Complete the Tamarisk Volunteer Application
  2. Background check & paperwork
  3. Meet with Tamarisk Program Director
  4. Complete individual review of videos on essential topics (see New Volunteer Training Videos below)
  5. Attend 1 Volunteer Connection meeting
  6. Attend a training event (see Training Event schedule on the right)

New Volunteer Training Videos

Click on the following links to access content for the individual portion of Tamarisk’s companion volunteer training. Please refer to the accompanying handouts in your volunteer binder for each presentation. You can find most of these presentations on Tamarisk’s YouTube channel.

Interested In Volunteering?

View a list of our current volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch.org.

Volunteer Today

Training Events

Upcoming training events will be scheduled in May, August, and November

Monthly Meetings

There are no events.

“The training was an opportunity for me to consider not only my own journey on earth and beyond, but also the joy and honor in sharing someone else’s path as well.” – Kim, volunteer caregiver