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A Time To Remember

“We bereaved are not alone.  We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering.” ~ Helen Keller

The following loved ones were remembered at Tamarisk’s 2015 “Celebration of Remembrance” or noted as memorial donations to Tamarisk during the 2015 calendar year.

Tamarisk Remembers Companions Served in 2015

  • Robert A
  • Ron B
  • Arthur M
  • Eleanor L
  • Ray L
  • Beulah H
  • Ardelle P
      • Rebecca C
      • Orville R
      • Matilda S
      • Paul L
      • Marilyn H
      • Leonard N

      Memorial Donations Given in 2015 by…

      • Ruth Anderson for Bob
      • Carole Blaska for David
      • Patricia Bocken for Ron
      • Thomas & Kathleen Brown for Larry
      • Joyce Christie for Robert
      • Dean & Carmen Coleman for: Guisela, Gary, Terry, Bernie, Alex, Mark, Edna, Robert, Joe
      • Lee Cravens for Rebecca
      • Dianne Dahl for Stewart
      • Teena Fletcher for Helmi
      • Greg & Carol Gilborn for: Kevin, Phyllis, Dean
      • Karen Grohs for Paul
      • Jim & Diane Jachomowski for Ruth
      • Dorothy Jacobson for Jake
      • Edward & Nina Katz for: Ted, Karen
      • Edward & Nina Katz in honor of the good work of volunteers
      • Lawrence & Nancy Keillor for Ron
      • Jean LaFave for Ray
      • Alexandra Lape for Ronald
      • S.L. & R.B. Lovell for Ron
      • Kim Lund for Paul
      • Jack Lundberg for Mrs. Jack Lundberg
      • Emil Magnuson for Joan
      • Dianna Marquart for Arthur
      • Juanita McKeever for Pat
      • Leo & Antoinette Monster for Annottillie
      • Darryl Olson for Kathleen & Jim, in honor of Sue’s support
      • Jay Peterson for Cheryl
      • Theresa Shoberg for Shelly’s support
      • Bob & Marian Sievert for: Rev. Cliff, Kathryn
      • Martin & MaryAnn Tich for: Marge, Elena
      • DuWayne & Carlotta Virnig for Anthony
      • Cathey & Jeffrey Weidmann in honor of ACCAP Program Directors
      • Richard & Mary Welshons for Clarence

      Honoring Loved Ones

      Celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed away by designating your donation as a memorial. Tamarisk recognizes memorials through an acknowledgment letter sent to loved ones of the deceased telling them of your donation. We also include these names (and photos if submitted) as part of our annual “Celebration of Remembrance” service held in early December.

      In addition to memorials, honor others by recognizing individuals through their act of service, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, Christmas gifts, etc. It is a great way to show others you remembered them.

      Make a memorial/honor donation:

      • Donate through our website. After you donate send a separate email to  including the name of the person you are remembering or honoring and their photo if desired and include the name(s) and address(s) of the individuals that you want acknowledgments sent to.
      • You can mail in check to Tamarisk and include the name of the person you are recognizing and the name and address(s) of the individuals that you want acknowledgments sent to.
      • Email Tamarisk at  or call 763-572-1950 if you would like a donation form mailed to you. Fill out the donation form and mail back to: Tamarisk, Inc., 15531 Central Avenue NE, Ham Lake, MN 55304

      All donations are confirmed by mail with a thank you letter and receipt for tax purposes. Tamarisk is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. All memorial/honor tributes are acknowledged to the family/individual if indicated. Contribution amounts are not disclosed to the family unless requested.

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      Memorial Questions

      Need more information about making a memorial donation or honoring your loved ones?

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